The Concert genetic test order management system helps hospitals and health systems guide the genetic testing process, bringing clarity and certainty to a complex process.

The system integrates test selection, results retrieval, and the insurance workflow in one intuitive system. Power precision medicine with a platform that supports genetic testing from end to end.

Lab Director

Manage the lab budget and simplify the complex sendout process with one intuitive software platform. Concert makes it easy to identify preferred tests and labs, manage orders, and communicate policy with providers. Concert integrates pricing and payer coverage into the ordering workflow to ensure high-value, appropriate ordering and enable you to scale internal reviews.

Lab Genetic Counselor

Your organization might order lots of genetic tests from different labs. Without a sophisticated EHR interface, you’re stuck with a messy manual tracking process. With limited tools to compare and promote preferred labs and tests, it’s difficult to ensure patients receive consistent, high-quality care across providers. 

Concert streamlines the genetic send-out process, bringing all genetic reference lab orders into a single workflow. It integrates with your EHR, digitally transferring order and result data. Plus, your organization can create and enforce a preferred lab and test formulary and add an internal review step.

Test Order Platform

Our platform gives your organization everything you need to simplify test ordering processes and enhance lab stewardship.

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