Concert Announces Lab Solution for Health Plans, Clinical Advisory Board, and New Website

May 1, 2024


Today, Concert announced the release of a new solution, the establishment of a clinical advisory board, an expanded partnership with Lyric, and a new website. 

The driving force behind all of these announcements is the same – for years, customers have asked us to apply our transparent, evidence-based approach to policy and payment accuracy to laboratory testing beyond genetic and genomics. In line with our mission to make precision health smart, simple, effective, and affordable, we have now done that. 

To read more, see the links below. If you’d like to learn more please do not hesitate to reach out!

Concert Expands Diagnostic Benefit Program to Manage Laboratory Testing for Health Plans

Expanded solution, clinical advisory board, and new website set a path to bring transparency and efficiency to a growing set of health services

Concert Announces Clinical Advisory Board, New Medical Policies

Drs. Beth Harris, Thomas Holland, Girish Putcha, and Michele Schoonmaker join board to advise Concert on clinical policy content…

Lyric and Concert Expand Partnership to Deliver Laboratory Payment Accuracy Solution

The Diagnostics Module—available through Lyric’s expanded partnership with Concert—will seamlessly deliver Concert’s integrated policy and payment accuracy capabilities for a growing scope of laboratory testing

May 1, 2024