Network Management

Establishing clear and effective provider network relationships between health plans and laboratories is complex for everyone involved. Quality, pricing, and coding are challenging to nail down in a rapidly changing environment. 

Concert maintains the necessary data and systems to simplify the process.

Price & Coding Transparency

Variability in coding and pricing has been a persistent challenge in advanced diagnostics. Concert provides unparalleled clarity and consistency in these areas by maintaining the authoritative catalog of tests and crosswalking to coding and payment information. 

Working with Concert, health plans, labs, and members all benefit from greater certainty in the administration of this important benefit.

  • Coding standards at the test level
  • Clear test pricing benchmarks
  • Tools to enable consistent billing and payment decisions

Preferred Lab Program

Concert enables health plans to establish a preferred lab program that identifies laboratories that meet higher standards for quality, safety, and patient experience while reducing costs. 

Labs participating in a preferred program benefit from promotion, provider ordering information, and reduced uncertainty and administrative burden associated with the reimbursement process. 

  • Quality testing for members at lower total costs
  • Stronger relationships between health plans and lab providers
  • Reduced uncertainty and burden in reimbursement

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